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June Resolution: Make Family Mealtime a Priority

by | June 3rd, 2014

Family mealtimes promote a healthy lifestyle for both children and parents.

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Dr. K’s Power Breakfast: Guaranteed to Give You Energy!

by | December 21st, 2013

Breakfast is an important meal. We are all very different when it comes to breakfast choices and whether or not we feel hungry early in the morning. The truth is that going without breakfast can make us, lack energy and feel very hungry in the middle of the morning, eating more that we should at lunch. At this…Read the Rest of Article

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Don’t Let Schools Decide What Your Child Will Eat For Lunch

by | September 3rd, 2013

Many school districts, such as the Laguna Beach Unified School District in Southern California are backing out of their commitment to the Let’s Move initiative to battle childhood obesity by eliminating unhealthy choices in school lunches. Even though your school may mean well, it is better to pack your child’s lunch with low-fat ingredients instead…Read the Rest of Article

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The Importance of Fun Summer Activities for Kids

by | July 9th, 2013

In the May issue of Pediatric News Magazine behavior experts Dr. Swick and Dr. Jellinek provide parents with smart advice on planning fun summer activities for children. In the article, both doctors advise parents to focus on their child’s strengths rather than weaknesses. They note that “with proper planning, summer activities can help build a child’s self-esteem…Read the Rest of Article

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Exercise Tips for Families: Physical Activity for Busy Lifestyles

by | June 10th, 2013

As Americans, we spend a lot of money and time on getting our children into elite sports teams, creating new hiking trails, and building expensive recreational centers at schools. So if we have the access to exercise, why are we facing an obesity crisis? The answer is simple: Our  lives are so busy that we don’t…Read the Rest of Article

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Gluten Sensitivity On The Rise – Is Gluten So Bad?

by | May 9th, 2013

There is a growing drumbeat blaming all sorts of digestive problems to the ingestion of gluten and naming a gluten-free diet as the cure of all maladies. Doctors are seeing a growing number of patients who have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. They suffer from bloating and diarrhea when they eat wheat and the symptoms go away…Read the Rest of Article

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